Hannah S

Ronda Rousey and Why She Won’t Fight Men

Ronda Rousey is the undisputed queen in her sport. So far her last three fights combined lasted a total of 36 seconds. Many question though, is she really that good? Or is the talent pool just not deep enough in the world of women’s MMA to challenge her? Since she is undefeated in the realm of women fighters, some say that Ronda should put it all up against one of the male MMA fighters to prove herself once and for all. Ronda’s response? Absolutely not. So many have begged the question: but why not? Are you afraid? Do you feel under qualified? Are you intimidated? Or do you feel you are above it all together? Her explanation, “There is no setting in which we should condone a man hitting a woman.”

Some people were quite taken back by her response because that thought never crossed their mind, and feel guilty because it definitely should have. Ronda fighting a man in the octagon sounds exiting in theory, but when you try to picture it your head it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know how you can cheer when you see an man’s fist connecting with a woman’s face. I just gives you an unsettling feeling that something about this just isn’t right. But that right there, is why Ronda will never step into the ring with a man, and I stand by her on this one.

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