Hannah S

Why we need to stop requiring the bare minimum academically for athletes

This has been going on for decades. When colleges see a young athlete with promise, they also see a fat stack of cash. Money on their minds they only require the bare minimum academically for those athletes. Practically carrying them through school, the only thing that matters is how much money they can make off this kid’s talents even though they are technically robbing him of a higher education which they will need later in life.

This is wrong on so many levels because although there is a ton of spectacular talented young athletes out there, very few will make it to the pros and be able to make a living off of their athletic talents. So therefore by the colleges allowing their athletes to slack on there studies, it is really only a beneficial arrangement for the school, and the school alone.

What we need is for the other colleges in America to follow in the foot steps of our military academies. They set the example of valuing brains just as much as brawn. The military academies have been requiring it before football was even born. They have the rare combination of the sharpest minds, and requiring absolute excellence from their athletes because after college they go right into the U.S. armed forces. I hope we can start emphasizing to the younger generation that you will need more than just physical attributes to get you through this life.


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