Hannah S

High school football deaths rising, what can we do to make the game safer?

In recent years there has been a sharp rise of deaths related to high school football. With 12 football related deaths in 2015 alone, and the number of life altering injuries going through the roof, some schools had to forfeit the season entirely because there weren’t enough uninjured players to play. How can we make the game safer so that this American tradition won’t lose it’s numbers to parents pulling there sons from participating in football out of fear for their safety? Are there steps we can take to improve the quality of the game all together?

With almost 1.5 million kids participating in high school football each year there is a lot of room for poor coaching, poor officiating, and poor training. Poor officiating can result in games getting out of hand in terms of physicality, and it lets kids get away with cheap shots and collisions clearly banned in the rules of the game which can be fatal. The poor training and coaching can lead to a much higher potential and risk of injury on the field and in the gym. I feel that if we can get these aspects of the game up to speed and on the same playing field so to speak than we will have a much safer just as competitive, physical, and epic game we know and love.

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