Hannah S

Why the minimum age to run a marathon should be 18

In recent years as sports science and training methods advance at a rapid rate, so does the athletic prowess of our younger athletes. More and more adolescent athletes are getting stronger, faster, aiming higher, and are even more competitive than the generations before them. Running a marathon is the ultimate dream of every passionate cross-country runner. Finishing a marathon sets you apart from other runners, and makes you feel like you are divine being looking down at everyone else with that medal around your neck. With the combination of a higher level of performance from the younger athletes, and the dream of running a marathon, one has to ask themselves what is the appropriate age to run a marathon?

The minimum entry age to run a marathon fluctuates from race to race. That age can range from 18 like the Rock n’ Roll marathon series, to the Marine Corps Marathon who’s age requirement is 14. Most doctors will agree that because the body is still growing and changing during mid adolescents that putting your body through the trauma of running a marathon before age 18 is not a wise decision. Doing so will most likely result in injury, and in some cases even death due to the physical stress of attempting to run such a distance. So to all my fellow runner’s out there, you can keep logging those long miles in preparation, but just hang in there till 18 to run a marathon. You have a long life of running ahead of you, but only if you treat your body right along the way.

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