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The World is on Alert & Low Gas Prices for the Travelers this Holiday Week

Thanksgiving USA  The U.S. State Department announced a warning before most American’s and other people from around the world travel for the holidays. This week is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and one of the busiest weeks to travel out of the year. The amount of American’s taking a trip this week is accepted to be 46.9 million people according to AAA (Shapiro). With the gas prices so low AAA is predicting that more folks will travel by automobile to their holiday destinations, also the amount of traveling by automobile has been on the rise for Thanksgiving week again this year. One reason is the gas prices are lower and people maybe scared to travel by airplane. AAA also reported that airfare rates are going to drop this week. If you’re traveling by plane or automobile this week be careful and make it to  your destination safely. We all should be thankful for the low gas prices and the fact that we have a great country to live in. The gas prices haven’t been this low since 2008 (Shapiro).


CNN has reported an alert from the U.S. State Department warning travelers going to other countries to be aware of your surroundings, not to be in large crowds, minimize travel on public transportation, and to be careful everywhere you go. The terrorist groups ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boka Haram have threatened more attacks on the U.S. and Western Europe countries. The terrorist groups have been planning different attacks on public and private interests around the world. With ISIS and other terrorist groups going back to Syria from Iraq this week, the world is on alert for suspicious activities. They are also warning that individuals could carry out their own attacks or they could be in groups. If you’re planning on traveling this week be sure to be alert and try to minimize being in public areas where a lot of people would be. The terrorist groups are attacking places with large numbers of people or very busy places (Bradner).Terrorists

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Be Safe…


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